Board Members

Below are our board members. We have a talented group of individuals with a great range of skill sets.

Derrick Clarke

Derrick has worked in the health, fitness and wellbeing sector for over 35 years, where he’s supported professional and amateur athletes with dietary and nutritional advice and training programmes.  

He has trained alongside the mighty All Blacks rugby team from New Zealand, exchanging fitness and nutritional knowledge with their head coach.

Derrick piloted a programme for young adults with behavioural disorders successfully allowing the programme to be introduced within other groups. Derrick has also been involved in the care of a disabled adult for many years.

Hayley Cutler

Hayley is a qualified criminal solicitor and has been practising for 11 years in Leeds city centre.

In addition to her full time occupation she also runs a small business.

As a board member of Unique Potential, Hayley’s expertise in law will bring added value to the organisation

Georgia Wood

Georgia is a CIM qualified marketing communications professional with experience of leading digital, internal, and corporate communications.

Reg Wilhelm

Reg has a background in corporate and strategic communications, starting in the private sector, before joining the NHS a number of years ago.

He is currently a communications advisor at NHS England and a trustee of the Halifax Minster.

£5 a Month

Would pay for an autism – friendly cinema screening.

£10 a Month

Would allow one of our service users to experience a horse/pony riding session.


Could sponsor a day out for one of our service users once a month.